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Initially all referrals need to come from a GP or other Healthcare Professional. In time, you will be able to self-refer but only if you have Type 2 Diabetes. We hope to add self referrals for people with Type 1 in the future. Speak to your GP if you would like to attend diabetes education.
Please contact our call centre on 0203 474 5500 and we can re-book you into a suitable alternative course.
Yes, just get in touch with the call centre on 0203 474 5500

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I certainly lost a lot of weight. Around the time I was diagnosed with Type 2, I was about 11 stone and now I’m at my target weight which is 9.5 stone. The DESMOND course was useful. In my opinion it’s ideal for the newly diagnosed person who doesn’t know anything about Type 2 diabetes.

Alan Eadie, Dartford. Source: DESMOND

The Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) course should be offered to every Type 1 diabetic. Diabetes education helps to teach those suffering from Type One how to try to better ‘manage’ (not control) their blood sugars, in order to try to live the life they want. Diabetes will never go away, nor will those of us with a defective pancreatic function ever not need insulin but sending Type One’s like me on an education course helps them to understand what they live with every hour of every day, understand what they can do to help themselves (diet, best use insulin, correcting blood sugars, what to do on Sick Days). It helps them to become their own Diabetes Specialist Nurse, ultimately reducing the cost to the NHS.


I have a greater understanding of how to live and try to control my diabetes. I feel more optimistic and confident.

Attended diabetes education  delivered by St George's Hospital NHS Trust

BERTIE is really useful. My confidence is much better and I feel more in control. I can make better decisions about my insulin and I have a better understanding of why my readings are high/low and my HbA1c has improved.

Attended diabetes education delivered by Epsom and St Helier’s Hospitals NHS Trust

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