Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now delivering our education courses contact free by providing tailored, personal support online via an app or over the phone. We are also trialling some group education sessions online via video.

At this current time it is unclear when our in person face to face courses will resume and so we urge everyone with diabetes to explore our range of digital diabetes education courses.

If you would like more information please contact us on 020 3474 5500.

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DAFNE 17-25 - Type 1

This DAFNE course follows the same structure and curriculum as the other DAFNE courses but it is specifically for younger adults. This means that you will be in a group of people the same age as you, who have similar experiences (and anxieties) to share. The groups are led by healthcare professionals who usually work in the transition or young person clinics, so they know a lot about the tricky bits of living with Type 1 diabetes as a young adult; like starting university or first jobs, or going to festivals or backpacking. They’ve heard it all before, so you should feel able to ask all those questions you never could before and make some new friends along the way!

DAFNE was created in 2000. It is offered nationally with over 43,000 'DAFNE graduates'. It allows people to develop skills for insulin dose adjusting, based on their own body's requirements. This gives people with t1DM a systematic approach to their diabetes, allowing them to fit their diabetes around their life and enable them to eat what and when they want. It follows a nationally recognised curriculum and educator training programme.

“My HbA1c was 14.1% prior to DAFNE. I attended the course 2 years ago and as a result my HbA1c is now 6.8%. ”